Lesson 23. Present Continuous tense

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Present Continuous tense

In this tense, we use Subject + be + ing form of the verb
(be= am, is, are)
1. We use this tense to talk about something that is happening presently.
– I am writing a letter.
– She is taking the child to school. (is is used with singular subjects)
– They are renovating the house. (are is used with plural subjects)

2. We can use this tense talk about a trend.
– These days most people are doing their shopping online.
Do not forget to use be. (be= am, is, are)
– Most parents sending their children to tuition classes. X
– Most parents are sending their children to tuition classes.
Or you can avoid ing:
– Most parents send their children to tuition classes which is Present tense.

What is the difference between ‘Parents are sending’ or Parents send’?
Parents send means: They always send. It is a general truth.
Parents are sending means: These days they are sending. It is a current trend.

Another example:
I go to office by bus. (I always go by bus)
I’m going to office by bus. (Only today or these days)

Ideas that will help you in Writing

Monoculture farming

Monoculture farming is cultivating of a single crop on land for commercial purpose.
Most of the commercial farms now grow the same crop like wheat or potato year after year on thousands of acres of land. This is in contrast to the traditional method of farming, which grew multiple crops within a specific area.
Monoculture farming is damaging to the land’s fertility and contributes to global warming and climate change.
A major complaint against fast food industry is that it promotes monoculture farming leading to environmental degradation.

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